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We look forward to welcoming you as a new student at a very special event where you can get to know your University, all the people who will accompany you on this adventure, and start enjoying it from day one.

Program of activities

Villaviciosa de Odón Campus

Check here the day, time and place of your welcome event and sign up! Still not sure when your classes start? Check it at this link

Alcobendas Campus

Check here the day, time and place of your welcome event and sign up! Still not sure when your classes start? Check it at this link

Valencia Campus

Check here the day, time and place of your welcome event and sign up!

La Orotava Campus

All the information about your welcome event very soon!

All you need to start


Did you know you have your own Universidad Europea student email address? Your email is your file number @live.uem.es. To log in, go to the University website, click on I’m a experiencia-universitaria/servicios/departamento-tic, and start using your email. Remember that you’ll receive University notifications at this email so it’s important you check it regularly.


We’ll call student representative elections during the first few weeks of the academic year. You can stand as your course and degree program student representative to actively take part in improving your University and represent your course and degree program classmates at meetings with your coordinator/dean/school director/rector. You can also stand for the Student Government (the highest student representation body at Universidad Europea). Your work will be recognized with 1 ECTS credit for the University Activities course. Contact your coordinator for more information. We’ll give you all the details soon!


Once you have completed and confirmed your enrollment you’ll receive an email with your username and password. With these details you can log onto the Campus Virtual, check out your schedule, request a certificate, consult your financial information, submit a form with a doubt or request… If you forget them, contact Student Services at your Campus (Madrid, Valencia or the Canary Islands) and we’ll help you.


Keep your username and password handy, go to the personal schedule section of your Campus website: university-experience/useful-information/academic-fees (keep in mind that they are being updated and will be loaded correctly in the coming weeks. Do not forget to reconfirm schedules and classrooms one day before starting your classes).


Use this support guide to find the answers to the most frequent questions you can think of when you first use the Campus Virtual.

Are you an online student? Check here all you need to start


Once your enrollment has been confirmed, you will have received your username and password in your email. With these data you can access our applications: your Virtual Campus, ask for a certificate, check your financial information, put an instance with a question or request … If you have forgotten your password or want to modify it, you can do it through our tool Manage your password.


Use this support guide to find the answers to the most frequent questions you can think of when you first use the Campus Virtual.


we help you in the search for internships and employment. We have at your disposal job offers by a wide selection of companies, including the most prestigious. In addition, we advise you with all the necessary resources for your success in the professional work. Check it at Professional Career Center.

Discover your Campus


Villaviciosa de Odón

Click in this link to the map of your Campus. How to arrive? It is easy! By car or public transport (line 518 from Príncipe Pío).



Click here to know the main spaces that await you on your Campus. How to arrive? You have a shuttle service at your disposal! Check this link with the schedules and routes.



We improve our facilities! Check here the new organization of the spaces.



Check here the contacts at your disposal in the Campus.

Have a positive impact on society

Do you want to take part in national or international volunteering activities? Do you want to set up your own project to help others or do you already have one but want to give it a boost? Check out the activities we offer at the Corporate Social Responsibility department. More info at rsc@universidadeuropea.es / Blackboard UE Experience Community. Click on the image for more info.

Internships and Employment

Connect with the professional world from day one; find out about professional internships, get ready to achieve all your goals and take part in events such as Global Career Week. Contact the Professional Careers & Alumni department and boost your success. Click on the image for more info.

Your UE Experience in another country

Do you want to spend a study period abroad at one of the world’s most prestigious universities or are you an international student who has chosen our university as your destination? Check the programs you have at your disposal in the Community International Office of the Virtual Campus.

WIFI: Connect to UE Students

Follow these steps: 1. Search the "UE-Students" network 2. Insert the access credentials: User (file number) and Password (domain password) 3. You are now connected! The connection will be uninterrupted from the first login Do you have doubts or need the manual connection? Click on the image to download the user manual.

Meet the Universidad Europea Foundation

An entity whose purpose is to support the development and management of projects that promote the interrelation between the university and society, through initiatives that stand out for their social commitment and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Recycling mission!

Did you know that a small action could change the world? Learn how to recycle more and better in your Campus.

Global Career Days: Valencia

Find out about the last edition of our annual date with employability and entrepreneurship.

Global Career Days: Madrid

This was the event dedicated to employability: job fair with the main companies, workshop with LinkedIn, talks with alumni and employers ...

Canary students at the Festival de Cortos of La Orotava

An interesting experience in which they could put their knowledge into practice.

Valencia: University Experience

UEV Experience. Sports, culture, leisure, travel, volunteering ... And much more!

Valencia: Entrepreneurship and networking club

Meet the students that lead this club, what activities they organize ... Do not miss it!

Madrid: Student Clubs

Music, mountain, theater, debate, digital manufacturing, entrepreneurship, international club... Choose yours or create a new one!

Madrid: Sports Services

Sign up! Internal leagues, university teams, physiotherapy, classes and facilities to practice your favorite sport, as well as all kinds of events. In Alcobendas we have special agreements and carry out activities. Ask us! cdu@universidadeuropea.es Instagram: @polideportivoue

First simulated hospital in the Canary Islands

This new learning model will improve the field of health sciences, helping to develop the necessary skills for students and ensuring adequate care for patients.

How to make the most of your experience in the UEC?

The student Alba Elejabeitia tells you about the experiences she has had as a student at the Universidad Europea de Canarias.


Students, teachers and staff of our University in Valencia star in this video to raise awareness in the University Community on the proper use of mobile to ensure respect in personal relationships.

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